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The Story Behind the Mission

Co-founders Jake Reynolds and Matt Gavis first met at just three-years-old. From elementary school classmates, to teammates on the field, they quickly became best friends living two blocks apart. However for Jake, commitment to their favorite activities required extra dedication, as he spent countless hours before school and after sports practices managing daily routines and treatment schedules to combat Cystic Fibrosis.


From a young age, Jake has never allowed this to break his spirit and determination. Growing up with Cystic Fibrosis, Jake has defied all odds excelling as a record-breaking athlete and All-American D3 lacrosse goalie at Springfield College. To many who know him, they see the dedication, work ethic and humility that has shaped him into an impressive athlete without any understanding of the additional obstacles Jake has overcome. It was this persistence and perseverance that Jake showcased on a daily basis that was, and still does to this day, constantly inspire Matt.  Since their days on the playground as three-year-olds to life as adults, Matt has served as an advocate for Jake and every one of his accomplishments. 


From this friendship grew the idea for Closing the Gap Foundation, which seeks to advocate for the deserving Cystic Fibrosis community. The foundation began as two young kids activating the local community to participate in KanJam tournaments or car washes for a great cause. With growing support, Jake and Matt created their flagship fundraiser “Golf For CF” in 2016, which helped Closing the Gap gain tremendous momentum exceeding $75k in total fundraising and becoming 501(c)3 certified in 2020. 


As the foundation continues to grow, Closing the Gap strives to diversify how donations will be used in order to support the unique needs of individuals and families affected by Cystic Fibrosis. The foundation hopes to elevate the lifestyles for those affected in a personal way, maximizing impacts in areas that may typically be overshadowed by the need for mass research funding. Closing the Gap seeks to remain agile in their ability to explore avenues of need, listen to those affected, and be flexible in their donation strategy.


Our mission is to create an impact in unique areas to not just attack the disease through research, but continually support those currently living with it.”  

Jake Reynolds, Co-founder

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